How it Works

So what's a SegSac, anyway?

It’s a backpackers secret weapon. It’s the only way to truly fight entropy in your backpack.
We’ve taken a stuff sack and divided it up into compartments. So instead of 4 separate, small crappy bags, you get 1 big one with 4 separate sleeves. Everything stays together, yet separated.  Easy to use, easy to find your gear, just downright awesome. 

Because let's be honest, it sucks when you're setting up camp, the sun is setting, and you can't find your warm cozy socks.  So you dump your bag upside down (aka the "gear dump") and rummage through everything until you find what you need. 

We're not down with the unnecessary gear dump.  Just get a SegSac. 

The most adventurous travelers know that proper preparation is key. That’s why we’ve designed the best way to keep you organized without slowing you down. Our segmented stuff sacks are about building a better solution to rummaging around in a messy bag.  


How to use your Gobi Gear packing organizers:


What we are saying is: 


At Gobi Gear, we don't believe in making products just for the sake of making them.  We carefully envision, create, and test products that are not just different from what's already out there, but also one's that will make your life better. 

Both the Hoboroll and SegSac series offer inner segmentation, keeping items exactly where you packed them no matter where your journey takes you.  


Just a quick example of how the HOBOROLL™ solves your packing problems:



Gobi Gear set out to disrupt the industry standard by offering a stuff sack above and beyond the expectations of travel enthusiasts like you. With that vision driving Gobi Gear forward, the HOBOROLL™ was born and soon after the SegSac™ followed.

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